International Conference on Conservatism, Radicalism and Fundamentalism

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This weekend (26-28 May), the Department of Political Sciene of the Institute of Political Science and Sociology at the UD organizes a great international conference on Conservatism, Radicalism and Fundamentalism.  31 lecturers from 14 countries share their latest researches and results – detailed programme below!The programme starts by presentations of the two renowned guest lecturers, Michael Freeden and Angus Hawkins, professors from Oxford at 10:00 on Saturday, in Lecture Room No. X (on th second floor of the Main Building).

Section 1      15:00-17:00
Section 2      17:00-19:00
Section 6      09:00-11:00
Section 4      11:00-13:00
Section 3      15:00-17:00
Section 5      17:00-19:00
Section 7      09:00-11:00

Section 1

  • Christian Houlberg Skov: A Definition of Conservatism
  • Rui Bertrand Romão: Identifying Conservatism
  • Levente Nagy: Changes in the Meaning of Conservatism
  • Raluca Elena Golesteanu: Conservatism and change: Conservative Social Change Projects

Section 2

  • Misa Djurkovic: Conservative Revolution
  • Janek Wasserman: A Radical Conservative Movement: ‘Die Österreichische Aktion’
  • Vlad Muresan: Free-thinking Anarchy vs Conservative Morality
  • Herbert De Vriese: The Dialectical relationship Between Conservatism and Radicalism
  • E. M. Socaciu- R. Uszkai: The Irreconcilability of the Differences BetweenConservatism and Libertarianism

Section 3

  • Jeffrey D. Howison: Politicization and Effects of the American Right During the Reagan’s Era
  • Norbert Izsák: The Emergence ofAmerican Religious Right as a Conservative Political Force
  • Krommer Zoltán: Discourse Analysis of the 2011-12 Republican Presidential Nomination Campaign
  • Csaba Levai: Changing and Permanent Elements in the Political Thought of John Adams

Section 4

  • Cenk Saraçoğlu: The Ideological Roots of Erdogan’s Party and Its Understanding of the Term ‘Nation’
  • Gergely Egedy: The Hungarian Conservative Attitude Towards the Nation 
  • Eric Beckett Weaver: Understanding Conservatism in the UK and Hungary in the Interwar Period
  • Pócza Kálmán: The British and the Hungarian Conservative Attitudes Toward Constitutionalism

Section 5

  • Mehmet Akıncı: An Introduction to the Roots of Turkish Conservatism
  • Emre Arslan: Analysis of the Ideology of a Nationalist-Conservative Youth Group in Turkey 
  • Doğancan Özsel: The Analysis of the Conservative Opposition to Same-sex Marriages and LGBT Movements
  • E.Dogan-Y. Durac: On the Rise of the ‘Devout Bourgeoisie’ in Turkey

Section 6

  • Lendvai Tamas: Opposition of the Catholic Church Against the Draft Law of Education in 1868
  • Borisova Anastasia: The Role of the Bible in Japanese Religious Conservative Thought
  • Muhamad T. Ismail: Malaysian Conservative Party and Its Radicalization
  • Mikhail Suslov: Conservatism of the Russian Ortodox Church

Section 7

  • Jens Wendel-Hansen: Conservative Radicalism and the two Danish Chambers in the 19th Century
  • William Miller: Relationship between Progressive and Conservative Parties
  • Zoltan Berenyi: Status quo vs. Freedom
  • D.Course -Yuri Teper: The Rise of New Radicalism and the Ineffectiveness of the Russian state 
  • Sean Elliott: Canadian Conservatism: a Form of Authoritarian Populism?
  • Valentin Q. Niculescu: Far-Right Conservatives and the New Romanian Conservative Intellectual Elite

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