Students of Faculty of Architectural Engineering Have Built a Special Hut to Observe Birds

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Biharugra – Summer Architectural Engineering Camp was organised by the Creative Workshop of Debrecen, in which the students have built a cabin near the 3,5 acres lake.

The timber hut was designed and built by the students of the Faculty of Architectural Engineering of University of Debrecen. Visitors can observe the life of the unique Ramsarian Lake from the hut; what is more, the island that was built to the centre of the lake is also opened to the public. The island was built for those preserved birds that breed only on islands.

National Park of Körös-Maros endeavours to have such buildings on its territory that are specific from architectural and cultural point of views. “The visitor centre of Biharugar willingly provides the location for the second Creative Workshop of Debrecen next year, since the timber hut is a perfect fit to the preserved area” – said László Tirják, head of the National Park of Körös-Maros.

“The idea of the Summer Architectural Engineering Camp was developed by three university engineering lecturers who thought that it was important for the students to try themselves in architecting and construction besides university lectures and theory” – said Zoltán Győrfi, leading lecturer of the team.

“The idea of the camp was welcomed by the National Park and the local government. It gives new advantages to this little township, since the students and the lecturers will come back with their family and friends, carrying our credits to the big cities of the region. The participants of the camp later will become experts so that we can involve them into the realizations our future plans” – declared Ilona Vigh, mayor of Biharugra.


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