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Deathly Nature

Naturalism and Humanism in the Early 21st Century

17 November 2013 – 16 February 2014

A common denominator of the works in the exhibition is the ever-changing concept of the “human”, or rather the transformations the image of human existence underwent during the 20th Century. This process has been greatly affected by the interconnected development of optics and epistemology. Yet, the works of the exhibition are permeated more by optics than by epistemology. The art pieces reveal – and they reveal perhaps more spectacularly than anything else – which kinds of pictures and narratives the artists used when creating their heroes and, in doing so, themselves.

Márta Czene- What is Wrong with You? (Roman Polanski- Repulsion) (detail), 2010, acrylic, oil on fibreboard, 110 x 147 cm, Photo- Zsuzsa Berényi


Circular Ruins

The Walls of Lili Ország

18 August 2013 – 19 January 2014

The oeuvre of Lili Ország, with her peculiar private mythology, is unique in the 20th-century Hungarian fine arts. MODEM now ventures to introduce this lonely career of feminine and Jewish roots. The exhibition features works from various Hungarian public and private collections, spanning every important period of the artist. Thus, the visitors will gain a comprehensive insight into this outstanding and mysterious oeuvre that can rarely be seen in its entirety.

Young Girl in Front of a Wall, oil on canvas, 1955, Flóris Rómer Museum of Art and History, Vasilescu Collection

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