How Foreigners see Debrecen

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The 14th Public Break Talk – How Foreigners see Debrecen is organized on 12 November 2013 at the Ifjusági Ház.

  • “Debrecen is a city of potentials!” – British person who lives here
  • “The weather is so nice here, the sun shines a lot.” – Polish girl

These are just two examples how foreigners see our city.

Are you one of them? It is perfect.

Now you can speak up, and tell Hungarians what brought you here, and why did you choose Debrecen on the first place.

Don’t be shy, we are open-minded people who want to know you better, and help you if you have problems. Most of us has lived abroad so we know what are the main issues that can occur when you are in a foreign country.

Come, and have fun with us, tell your funny story about Hungary//Hungarians and be the part of something new.

See you at Ifjúsági Ház Debrecen (Youth Centre of Debrecen) on 12th of November at 18:30. You can approach the entrance from the parking lot. Search for the room “Zöld szalon” – “Green saloon”.

The event starts at 6.30 pm.

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