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The Plain

Stories from the past two hundred years of Hungarian fine arts

11 May – 21 September 2014

By presenting a unique selection to the spectators, the exhibition shows chapters from the relation of the fine arts and one of the greatest region of the country and the ground of several stereotypes: the Great Hungarian Plain, the location of Debrecen also. Masterpieces from such artist tell stories about the lowland painting, faith for tradition and progress.



Drawing in Hungarian Fine Arts Now and Before

2 March – 29 June 2014

The exhibition in MODEM introduces the tendencies of unique fine art drawing from the beginning of modern Hungarian arts after 1945, its most exciting experiments and results through the artworks of more than 50 artists, from Lajos Gulácsy, Imre Bukta to Gruppo Tökmag, whose works had and still have significant role in the current expansion of drawing.

Kondor Béla Füst Milán portréja_Antal-Lusztig gy_(1)

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