Words Break Bones at American Corner Debrecen

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Words Break Bones (WBB) is a global interactive training program created by Dr. Anna Szilágyi, a multilingual expert in media, politics, and communication.Date: Wednesday 30th of November 4:00 – 5:30 pm

Venue: American Corner Debrecen (19/D Bem square)

Programme: Introducing Words Break Bones -The goal of WBB is to provide children, teenagers, and adults with crucial linguistic skills to connect easily with others. WBB helps people to engage in confident, constructive, and fair communication as well as to identify, resist, and avoid abusive and deceitful communication practices in private and public life.

Anna Szilágyi is a multilingual expert in media, politics, and communication. She earned her doctorate in Media and Communication at City University of Hong Kong. Anna explores a wide range of phenomena, including the rhetorical mechanisms of manipulation and discrimination. Her writings have appeared in international academic books and journals. She is also eager to share her knowledge and skills with the general public. Anna’s English-language blog, Talk Decoded introduces plainly how political rhetoric influences thinking and behavior across the globe. Most recently, Anna developed “Linguistic Self-Defense Guide Against Antisemitism” which was published in English, French, Greek, and Hungarian as part of the pan-European “Get the Trolls Out!” youth education campaign.

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