Advent decorations are already being built in Debrecen

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Although Advent begins in one and a half months, Debrecen has begun to decorate Kossuth Tér.

This year, almost 170.000 Christmas lights will be installed in the city; Debrecen’s Christmas tree will be decorated with 16.500 lights.

Christmas lights will be installed on Piac Utca, from Kossuth Tér to Petőfi Tér, at the Memorial Garden behind the Great church, on Kálvin Tér, on Szent Anna Utca, Darabos Utca, Burgundia utca, Sumen Utca, Simonffy Utca, in Hal Köz and in Kismacs, Nagymacs, Bánk, Dombostanya and Józsa.

LED bulbs will also be placed on 90 trees on Kossuth Tér, from the Hotel Aranybika to the Great Church.

The first Advent candle will be lit on 2 December 2018, on the first Sunday of Advent.

The Christmas lights of the city is financed by the local government.



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