Burst of Bromeliads at the Zoo’s Palm House

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Harsh weather notwithstanding, the Debrecen Zoo’s Palm House is home to tropical flora that thrives all your round, serving as ideal habitats for exotic residents and a spectacular environment for your moments of warmth during a wintertime visit.

Among the rich vegetation in the Palm House are representatives of the bromeliad genus Neoregelia. Native to South American rainforests, they are epiphytes, meaning that they use their roots to attach to trees, absorbing nutrients from fallen leaves, animal droppings and rainwater. They have slightly jagged leaves that form rosettes, with flowers developing inside their central cups. Like most other bromeliads, they only bloom once in their lifetime and then perish – but only after developing multiple offsets as a means of reproduction both in nature and in controlled environments (such as the soil of our Palm House). Another fun fact is that Neoregelia are a fine example for symbiosis: certain poison dart frogs use their water-filled cups as safe little pools for their tadpoles and, “in exchange,” the plants can absorb nutrients from the waste products left by the frogs.

Come visit the Zoo any day of the week from 9:00 to 16:00 to see all its winter wonders as well as our exotic indoor exhibits.

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