Gate Opening Day Started Vojtina Puppet Theatre Jubilee Season

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Vojtina offered a family programme in the Memorial Garden behind the Great Church in the morning on Sunday, 30 August 2020, and the first premiere was held in the afternoon, in an unusual way.

The gate key of Vojtina Puppet Theatre came „right from Heaven”, which meant the beginning of the new, jubilee season. The gate opening was visited by many families: after the stilt stunt, visitors of the event had the chance to watch performances, but arts and crafts, interactive games and tests of courage also awaited children in the Memorial Park behind the Great Church. The forenoon was closed with eating pancakes, and the first premiere was held in the puppet theatre in the afternoon on the very same day. In the great hall of the theatre, the audience had the opportunity to watch the well-known tale about growing up, written by the Grimm brothers, which bears the title ‘The goose shepherd girl’. As an extra, the company is celebrating its 45th birthday this year.


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