Future of Debrecen: Green Task Force for the City!

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László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen has announced a new environmental policy to be implemented as part of the Debrecen 2030 Programme. It aims to achieve that the city should develop in a sustainable, „green” way in the upcoming years.

To assist the realisation of this new green policy, an environmental task force has been established, whose members are environmental and nature conservation specialists, as well as well-known locals who are committed to working for the future of the city. The task force has been introduced to the public by Mayor László Papp and Vice Mayor Ákos Balázs, at a press conference held in Debrecen-Haláp, on 4 September 2020.

The municipality intends to develop the city in a sustainable way with the environmental policy announced in the Debrecen 2030 Programme. It has launched the Green City Programme for renewing the quality of the green surfaces of the residential areas in the city, it has established the Sustainable Debrecen Prize, and as part of the Civaqua Programme – it is leading water from the Main Eastern Canal to the city to supply water to the Tócó Creek and the Great Forest, it is establishing plants in bus shelters, it is constructing a solar power plant; and as part of the ’Debrecen, our garden’ movement, it is planting ten thousand trees in five years in joint effort with the residents of the city, it is establishing protective forest belts in the western side of the city, and is continuing the energy modernisation of the buildings of Debrecen.



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