Renovation of Nursery in Karácsony György Street Completed

Local News

As part of the TOP 6.2.1-15 project called „The development of institutions and public services that are family friendly and facilitate access to employment”, the Karácsony György Street Day-Nursery of the City of Debrecen’s Unified Day-Nursery Institution has been completely renovated, modernised and made accessible proportionate to the project, and new tools have also been purchased.

The cost of construction was gross 213,021,953 HUF, which the municipality financed from its own resources beyond the 129,238,760 HUF non-refundable support from the European Union.  As a result of the innovation for renovation and modernisation, a comfortable nursery has been created that can fully serve modern-day needs, and can provide a healthy environment for the care and education of the sixty children aged 0-3. The renewed pieces of equipment further facilitate the latter goal. Due to the comprehensive modernisation, the maintenance costs of the building are expected to fall by one third.


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