Meet the Zoo’s Donkeys!

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With the upcoming holiday in mind, every day up until the first day of Christmas we will be introducing one of our residents awaiting your support, among whom you are sure to find your favorite.

Besides exhibiting the rich and diverse fauna found all around the world, it has always been a key mission of our Zoo to be also home to domesticated breeds (which are no less exotic in an urban setting), including Hungary’s only indigenous donkey breed. Thanks to their peaceful temperament and high intelligence, you will also get to meet them when our Donkey Carriage makes a return at our events in the near future.

This year was particularly eventful for our donkey group as they welcomed a total three healthy colts. No less noteworthy is our male named Laci, a real Methuselah at the grand old age of 20! In his youth, you could meet him at the Advent Fair downtown, but now he spends his retirement days in the calm company of barbary sheep in our vast wildlife enclosure that you can also check out from the Miniature Train during the amusement park season.

Just like our donkeys, a lot of our residents are yet to be adopted. If you want to make them really happy while also offering us tremendous help, please consider becoming a zoo foster parent.

An Annual Zoo Pass can also be a wonderful Christmas present and a year-round source of joy. More tips on gifts and how to support us at:


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