Three Police Dogs Killed in Baranya

Local News Police

The animals were poisoned, their corpses were lying in the police car.

Their owner, Erika, was almost shocked when she found the lifeless bodies of her faithful companions in her car parked in the parking lot of the Mohács police. There is no explanation for the cruel act. Investigators are only guessing about the causes of the recent dog murder. They believe that perhaps a pesticide caused the dogs’ deaths. The dogs were also trained to refuse food, so they could only be poisoned by a person they knew very well.

The deaths of the dogs – worth six million forints – were a huge loss, and not just in financial terms: in addition to always being ready to serve, they were real family members.

Émon, Locky and Cinkos, belonging to the Pécs police received the highest level of K-9 training.

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