László Papp issued a “red code” due to the extremely cold weather

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In connection with the extremely cold weather, László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen and Diána Széles, Deputy Mayor of the city, visited the social and health center of Refomix Kft., which deals with homeless care in the city, on 18 January 2021.

As László Papp said on the spot, the purpose of their visit was to help the work of the organization – masks and hand sanitizers were brought to the institution – and they wanted to make sure that the homeless care in Debrecen works smoothly and can supply the necessary requirements during these cold days.

There are 340 homeless places available in Debrecen, which are currently operating at maximum occupancy. Churches with similar functions are beneficially connected to the municipal homeless care system. In these extremely cold days, it is of great importance that the homeless accept help. That is why László Papp asked all those who see fallen people unable to take care of themselves on the streets of Debrecen to report to the police and to Refomix. László Papp thanked the employees of Refomix Kft. for their work in order to preserve human lives, and assured them that the local government would continue to provide the appropriate support and background for their activities.

Deputy Mayor Diana drew attention to the fact that it is now even more important for neighbors to pay attention to each other, and if they find that someone in their environment needs firewood or other help in this cold weather, they should report it to the mayor office’s social department. As a caring city, Debrecen has provided a significant amount of firewood to its citizens in need in recent months, and it can still help with this.

Zsolt Szemerédy, the managing director of Refomix Kft. said: this is a significant success. The street care service works differently. Zsolt Szemerédy confirmed that if anyone met a homeless person in trouble and they notified the police, the ambulances or the staff of Refomix, they would take immediate action. Since the enactment of the “red code”, everyone has managed to work with it, so there was no need for the social institution to accept people who are not in need of help.

Photo: János Miskolczi



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