90 ampoules of AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in Debrecen

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Deliveries of AstraZeneca vaccines to county government offices have begun, the M1 channel said.

According to media reports, AstraZeneca vaccines will be shipped to government offices and from there to GPs. This will start vaccinating chronic patients between the ages of 18 and 60, and the vaccine available is enough for 20,400 people, they have been informed.
It has been reported that Hungary has tied up 6.5 million doses of the British-Swedish vaccine.

According to on-site media coverage, 90 ampoules of AstraZeneca vaccine arrived at the Public Health Department of the Hajdú-Bihar County Government Office on Tuesday morning. This is the ninth vaccine shipment in Debrecen, previously received seven times from Pfizer-BioNTech and once from Moderna, they added.

The Department of Public Health of the Veszprém County Government Office received 60 ampoules of AstraZeneca vaccine on Tuesday, which will be delivered to the designated GPs, they said.

The Heves County Government Office received 30 ampoules of AstraZeneca vaccine, which is enough to vaccinate 300 people. It is administered in 30 GP practices. Gábor Pajtók, a fierce county government commissioner, confirmed to the public media that the British-Swedish vaccine will be given to chronic patients under the age of 60.

In Vas County, 50 ampoules of the British-Swedish vaccine arrived, with which 500 people in the county are vaccinated by GPs every day. Wächter Walter, Chief Medical Officer of Vas County, emphasized that this vaccine is easy to handle and can be stored in a refrigerator, so it does not require special conditions, but since there are not enough studies on its effectiveness in people over 60, younger people will be vaccinated with it.

In Budapest, GPs will receive one of the 720 ampoules of AstraZeneca intended for the capital, so they will be able to vaccinate about 7,200 people. This vaccine is given to people who have cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, cancer, diabetes or an organ transplant.

Sára Botond, the government representative of the capital of Budapest, said that the vaccination process is on schedule, the received vaccine consignments must be used every week.

According to public media information, 2,040 GP practices nationwide are now receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. So far, a consignment of enough of the British-Swedish preparation has been received to vaccinate 20,400 people, and enough doses are expected for another 22,800 people by Thursday.

Photo: MTI / Zsolt Czeglédi

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