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Still closed to visitors, we try to use this time to improve various sections of our park. Previously home to carnivorous plants, the displays in our Gibbon House now house a new exhibit specifically designed to show you that you can enjoy and cultivate nature at home regardless of almost all conditions.

Even if you can only provide poor lighting or no direct light, some plants, like the sago palm, Chinese evergreens and bromeliads will do just fine in darker corners. Irregular watering may not necessarily be an issue, either, as snake plants, radiator plants and smaller succulents are fairly drought-tolerant. Clay pebbles, on the other hand, can help soak up extra water from overwatering as well as reduce evaporation when scattered on top of the soil, which is very useful in high ambient temperatures.
If the conditions are just right but you are scarce on space, worry not; there are countless small plants to choose from, all manageable in pots the size of a coffee mug. You can even arrange the pots vertically if we leave enough room for the foliage.
By pruning larger plants, not only will you get a more compact form, but also materials for reproducing them; one thing to keep in mind is to maintain a balance between root and foliage mass.
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