Three-year-old orphaned triplets from Hajdúszoboszló, their father sends an important message

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In December 2017, a terrible tragedy occurred in Hajdúszoboszló: a father was left alone with three small children when his wife passed away. The family was helped by the Fairy Circle Foundation, and their father, with some recent photos, sent an important message to those who don’t yet know who to offer 1 percent of their taxes to.

“That particular tragedy happened to us a little over 3 years ago. My children’s mother died in tragic circumstances. But here are the 3 beautiful “tiny feet” as the Fairy Circle calls them. The Fairy Circle Foundation turned the whole country upside down for us by using formidable forces and not ever getting tired of helping us. Moving every stone, they worked to help Mira, Lena, and Milan at any cost. This makes me happy and I will be forever grateful to everyone. The foundation has been providing uninterrupted and time-saving support to families with children in need ever since, if necessary every day of the year. I don’t even know an organization like them. That is why I am asking those who have a TAX of 1%, if they can, to recommend it to the Fairy Circle Foundation! They deserve it as they are helping many people like us. Thank you so much for reading my words! ”

Tax 1% campaign details:
Name: Fairy Circle Foundation
Tax number: 18658024-1-09
The kids are fine, they socialize nicely. Their father works a lot.


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