A restaurant in Debrecen was closed due to a violation of epidemiological rules

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Police officers took action against 1,600 people over the weekend for violating the curfew and public space code of conduct, as well as the ban on public groupings, a deputy head of the coronavir virus epidemic’s on-call center said in an online press conference on Monday.

Lieutenant Colonel Róbert Kiss added: this increased the number of violators to 41,308.

He said police had cracked down on 471 people over the weekend for disregarding the obligation to wear a mask, 410 of whom broke the rule in settlements with more than ten thousand inhabitants, 17 on public transport or at stops, and 44 in shops and malls.

Violations of the rules for shops, restaurants, accommodation and leisure facilities have so far required 831 police measures. Of these, 214 cases of negligence on the part of the operator or owner were established, and in 617 cases, the rules on the limited opening hours of shops were not complied with.

Two restaurants were also temporarily closed by police over the weekend.

A guest was drinking alcohol at a restaurant in Debrecen, and in Karcag is a business premises several people were drinking alcohol.

In addition to the temporary closure of the sites, infringement proceedings have also been initiated against guests. The restaurants have been subject to stricter rules since January 30: six people were dealt with over the weekend for being unauthorized at the restaurant. Since the introduction of the rules, the number of offenders of this type of violation has increased to 52.

Róbert Kiss also reported that police had to take action in a District I condominium in the capital on Friday night: the house violated the rules for private events by celebrating a birthday with 74 people. Infringement proceedings were also initiated against the host and the participants.

Over the weekend, passengers passing through Hungary were inspected, and 164 cases of violations of transit rules were reported. Passengers have been checked since September, and 12,249 measures have been taken against non-compliant people so far.

In the last two days, police officers have personally checked those in official home quarantine in 30,953 cases. Over the weekend, 10,992 such restrictive measures were ordered, with 25,589 currently under official house quarantine. In 1367 of them, the police undertook to electronically verify compliance with quarantine rules, the lieutenant colonel said.


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