“Unsolicited” thanks to heathcare workers at Kenézy Hospital in Debrecen

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The Debrecen Women’s Public Association for Unsolicited Attention has been supporting hard-working people living in the city for a decade. Unfortunately, we cannot keep our food distributions announced on the last Sunday of every month due to the epidemic, but we try to help those in need.

Perhaps the most vulnerable members of Hungarian society are our compatriots living on the streets. There are also many people in Debrecen who find themselves without a cover, many are not even looking for accommodation for themselves in the evening. They hide in the Great Forest, in a hut built there, as they are even subject to official harassment in the city. They do not meet many humanities. Many feel like a pariah, though I don’t deserve that.

In 2011, our association announced the first food distribution for the homeless. A couple of years ago, unfortunately, more and more low-retirement families with more children were already in line. As street food distribution is now impossible, we took food to the homeless who had fled to the cold-covered place or had been living in hostels designed for them for years.

We took 75 portions of lunch to the homeless hostel on Wesselényi Street in Debrecen, and 75 portions of food to Dobozi Street. We were greeted with great pleasure in both places, as they do not have hot food on weekends and on multi-day holidays. At our request, everyone had a mask and a distance of at least 1.5 meters was also observed. Several said they were hungry on the weekends too, they had no money, a couple of croissants, they were also very happy with a liter of milk. They don’t understand why the People’s Kitchen doesn’t work on weekends, or why it can’t be resolved to cook for those living in hostels at this time. We don’t have to solve this “puzzle”.

The members of the association are on duty at the Rescue Station in Debrecen every Monday, so we have experienced a drastic increase in the number of infected people up close. Unfortunately, the epidemic is here among us, the rising numbers of the third wave startle us all. We ask everyone to follow safety regulations, wear a mask, and register to be vaccinated. Any vaccine approved in Hungary is better than coronavirus infection.

On the last Sunday of the month, we wanted to thank the work of the doctors and nurses who serve in the front line and fight for the lives of the patients. All our appreciation is theirs, for we see, we know, we experience that they do superhuman work. They don’t know the impossible, they do their thing day and night. They are the Heroes of Everyday Life, to whom many owe their lives. They are running out of strength, as they are also human, but day by day, they draw strength again and again and fight the disease to the best of their professional knowledge.

Patients in the covid department of Kenézy Hospital in Debrecen have been slowly healing patients for a year. They do this without a sock, without dealing with true faith, humanity, the outside world.

/ They will fight the epidemic, not the politicians – he adds. /

We had 30 servings of hot lunches for the intensive care unit staff. We believe this is the least we can do for them. There is no word for it, there is not enough thanks to express our gratitude for all that they do. This cannot be done for money, it requires a high degree of professionalism. Great people heal the sick in Kenézy.

Our association will continue to help those who have not had a place on the sunny side of life. It is our belief that we cannot be indifferent to those who, through no fault of their own, fight daily to stay afloat. It is our duty as a neighbor to help those who often struggle for their daily existence in medieval circumstances.

We call anyone who wants to help, with both hands or financial support.
If you want help or support, you can call the phone number below.

Mobile / every day of the week /: 30 9841 963

By bank transfer:

  • Unsolicited Attention Debrecen Women’s Public Association account number:
  • Polgári Bank ZRT 612 00261-11059802
  • Please enter in the announcement: food distribution, 2021

Unfortunately, anyone can get into a life situation that needs a helping hand, a good word, a human voice. We believe that love, the eternal human value of helping your neighbor, the measure of humanity, is especially important today.

Mrs. Zoltán Szabó – vice president of the association

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