Springtime Awakening in the Botanical Collection

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A season rightfully cherished by a lot of us, spring is now upon us, judging from the popping buds, flowering bulbs and blossoming trees around us.

Native to Eastern Europe, the cherry plum or myrobalan plum (Prunus cerasifera) is one of the earliest blooming ornamental trees, with a red-leaved cultivar, known as blood plum, common in streets and parks. Cherry plums are also frequently grown in tree nurseries.

The five-petalled flowers bloom from March, turning the entire spherical foliage white – or pink for red-leaved cultivars. Round in shape and orange or reddish orange in color, the fruits are edible and slightly sour, fit for making both jams and spirits.

Be sure to check out our cherry plums in the exhibit of our Hermann’s tortoises – great fans of the fruits – after we reopen.


Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park

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