Easter Newcomers in Bunnyville

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Despite our temporary closure, Easter will be all about our floppy-eared friends, especially since we have recently welcomed four dwarf lop rabbits. With a nice spring weather coming for the holidays, the two males and two females, along with the rest of the group, will be moving out to Bunnyville, where you will get to meet them up close after we reopen.

Even without an Easter event this year, we are striving to offer you as much of our zoo experience as possible, including special content for the long weekend. In connection with Bunnyville’s new residents, we see it fit to again raise awareness of responsible pet ownership, considering how many rabbits are bought on impulse around the holidays. First and foremost, owning a rabbit means long-term commitment as a well-kept one may live up to 10 years. Despite their social nature, bunnies can be kept solitarily but they do need our day-to-day care and company. If you wish to keep multiple individuals, same-sex pairs are the easiest to handle; for owners of a mixed-sex pair, it is highly advisable to have one bunny spayed or neutered because popular belief is indeed true when it comes to rabbits as prolific breeders. Most owners use a cage with a recommended minimum length of 80 to 90 cm and a width to 50 to 60 cm. More space and a varied environment is of course highly beneficial for rabbits, so we suggest letting them run around in your yard or house regularly, under supervision and due precautions to prevent escape. The most common diet for pet bunnies is based on food pellets for all-round nutrition and wearing down teeth, complemented by hay for proper fiber intake and a variety of greens and vegetables. It is recommended that rabbits have access to fresh water at all times, either from a fixed bowl or a drinking bottle.

Even if you end up concluding that pet rabbits are not for you, you will not necessarily miss out on the experience of meeting and petting them as Bunnyville’s excellently kept residents await you from spring to autumn and can even be symbolically adopted:


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