After 14 years, the girl from Debrecen looked up her rescuer

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A heartwarming story from disaster management. Gréti Vékás was four years old when, in the spring of 2007, an apartment in Károlyi Mihály Street caught fire. The stairwell was filled with smoke. Residents were stuck in their homes on several floors. The little girl was just visiting her grandparents. The smoke soon reached them as well. Firefighter János Tímár reached them as soon as possible. He put the life mask on Gréti, got the little girl in his lap and hurried down from the eighth floor.

A good few years passed, but Gréti has not forgotten that day, so she visited her rescuer at the barracks in Debrecen. János was very surprised when the sweet teenager introduced herself to him:

“I’m the little girl you saved.”

Firefighter János Tímár has been serving in Debrecen for nineteen years and is currently a special equipment operator. Vékás Gréti is preparing for her graduation and a young firefighter will be courting her this year, the disaster management writes on its Facebook page.

Photos: Napp Papp-Kunkli, lieutenant firefighter / Hajdú-Bihar MKI

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