The fraudulent chef from Debrecen was convicted

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The Debrecen General Court, which was acting in the second instance, mitigated the sentence of a man who committed fraud by taking advantage of his job as a chef: the court reclassified the act from double fraud to single fraud, sentenced to 3 years in prison instead of 4 years in prison – spokesman for the court.

The court ordered the confiscation of more than HUF 12.5 million on the property of the accused to the extent of the damage caused to the victim – Dénes Dobó indicated.

According to the facts established by the court, from January 2014 the accused was a limited liability company. he was employed as a chef. Based on the employment contract, the man was also able to work in three restaurants in Debrecen, and his duties included the procurement, storage and proper use of the goods.

The defendant’s employment was terminated in March 2015, however, until 3 August 2016 thereafter, it gave the impression to the supplier company that he was still the chef of the restaurant. During that time, he placed the orders on behalf of the restaurant, on a delivery note bearing its stamp, but he had already delivered the goods from the supplier’s premises himself, seeking to make a regular profit, and had it as his own.

During this period, the man placed an order a total of 48 times, the value of the goods he took exceeded HUF 12 million. Most of the invoices – almost HUF 9.5 million – were continuously paid by the accused’s former employer to the supplier, and the supplier suffered about HUF 3 million in damage.

Mariann Hutkai, chairman of the penal council, emphasized in her explanatory memorandum that the sentence had been relaxed because the crime had been reclassified from two-way fraud to one-off fraud, which had also significantly reduced the sentence. The court also assessed the passage of time and the accused’s state of health as a mitigating circumstance, the court spokesman said.


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