The weather will be nice today in Debrecen, but the upcoming days will be colder

Local News

On Monday the weather will be nice during the day, we can even measure 21 degrees around the civis town, precipitation is unlikely.

On Monday evening, a cold front reaches Hungary from the northwest; in Transdanubia, the rain can turn into snow in several places. Although the front is covered with rain in most parts of the country, the cooling in Western Transdanubia and our higher western landscapes can be so great that it can turn into snow. In Transdanubia and the north, the wind can increase during the storm.

In the East, on the other hand, the air in the foreground of the front can still warm up to nearly 20 degrees. Rain is also expected to arrive here only in the afternoon. Until then, however, thunderstorms may form in the area.

On Wednesday, the eastern landscapes will also cool down, during the day the temperature will remain below 10 degrees everywhere. A stormy north wind can be expected in many places, and the landscape in our mountains may turn white again, the National Meteorological Service has indicated.

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