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Large-scale road repair works, as well as pavement repair and pavement construction works, have started in Debrecen. In 2021, the largest development investment framework is available for transport development: HUF 35.7 billion. Road construction is in full swing in the city.

2021 is the year of transport developments in Debrecen. This year, our municipality will spend the largest amount of money on large-scale road repair works. In addition, new roads are being built at the initiative of the population and a number of nodes are being expanded. A key element of the Debrecen 2030 program is transport development, which can already be felt in everyday life, as we may face temporary restrictions due to road construction in many parts of the city,

said Mayor László Papp.

The aim is to keep the paved road, which is about 560 km long and maintained by the municipality, in a suitable condition suitable for traffic at all times.

In 2021, 25 complete road sections or part of them will receive new asphalt carpets from their own resources. In the large-scale road renovation program, car parks will also be renewed, and a new car park will be built in the Tócóskert. 40 new parking spaces will be created here.

The works first started on Pesti Street. Local government representative Csaba Papp emphasized that the city is spending HUF 70 million from its own resources to renovate the first section of Pesti Street.

  • Pesti street (2 external traffic lanes) approx. 900 m between the two lanes (between Kishegyesi út and Mester utca)
  • The front of Hard Zsigmond Street is approx. 90 m (section of Košice and Tölgyfa streets 220 m)
  • Honti street approx. 400 m (full section)
  • Virág utca II. rate approx. 275 m (the section from Dembinszky Street to Kinizsi Street, thus the total length of Virág Street which will be renovated 480 m)
  • Kinizsi street approx. 315 m (section from Mikes Kelemen Street to the Railway Crossing, total length 840 m)
  • Lórántffy street II. rate approx. 200 m (between Lórántffy utca 13. sz. – Kígyó utca)
  • Baross street (between Ceglédi street and Faraktár street) approx. 140 m (total length 450 m)
  • Fácán utca (between Petur and Tiborc streets approx. 150 m (solid paved section 400 m)
  • A section of Transylvania Street is approx. 60 m (from Kazár street to Turán street)
  • Tégláskert utca (between Halász and Csordás streets approx. 70 m (total length 1.3 km)
  • Vincellér street service road approx. 400 m (the whole section)
  • Tócóskert tér 1-8. s. parking lot before construction
  • Aphalting of Tócóskerti car parks is approx. 450 m (total length of service roads approx. 3.5 km)
  • Sina Street 21 (round parking) approx. 100 m (full section)
  • Gyergyó street 210 (round parking) approx. 100 m (full section)
  • Egymalom street approx. 130 m (full section)
  • Senyei-Oláh street service road approx. 350 m (the complete section between Szappanos and Fonatos streets)
  • A section of Szordasi road (asphalt from the railway crossing to Meszesi street in 1.5 m width and 380 m length will be replaced)
  • Alsójózsai utca (at the Óvoda bus stop) approx. 30 m (total length 500 m, but the asphalt will be renovated only at the bus stop)
  • Nagyerdei körút (road section near Bodega) approx. 90 m (the length of the Nagyerdei boulevard is 3.5 km, of which about 900 m has already been re-asphalted)
  • Vezér street (between Károli Gáspár and Ormós Lajos streets approx. 220 m (total length 2 km)
  • Ondód, Kádár dűlő From Ondód Community House approx. 300 m in the direction of Debrecen (total length 5 km, of which 900 m already re-asphalted)
  • Kismacs, Napraforgó utca II. rate approx. 50 m (between 31 Sunflower Street and Zápor Street)
  • Rózsástelep street (between Váradi-Felsőjózsai streets) approx. 600 m
  • A section of Independence Street is approx. 120 m (from Felsőjózsai street)

The sidewalk repair and sidewalk construction program is also of paramount importance to the city. These works have also started at Vezér Street – Gárdonyi Géza Street.

“The pavement at these barrier-free sections of the street will receive a new layer of asphalt with a length of about 100 meters and a width of 2 meters,” informed Erzsébet Katona, the municipal representative.

In 2021, the local government will carry out local and large-area pavement repairs and new pavement constructions in the length of approximately 7 km, approximately in the vicinity of housing estates and in areas with higher traffic, worth approximately HUF 250 million.

At the end of March, road construction started on the basis of public initiatives, starting on Keresszegi Street.

The city will spend HUF 6.1 billion on garden developments this year. Within the framework of this, a total of 26 paving streets and street sections are mostly paved or started on the basis of a residential initiative. It has recently been decided that Ribizli Street will also be paved.

Soon the contractor will march to another point in the city. The most significant development will be the launch of the third phase of the Western Small Circuit, where work is expected to begin in May.


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