Heavy rainfall in Hajdú-Bihar is expected on Friday

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The cold front brings rain in several places, which can cause minuses to occur again in some places at dawn. Initially, peaks of around 15 degrees are expected, but as the front crosses, the weather will warm up again, there will be a lot of sunshine and 20-24 degrees Celsius on Sunday, according to the National Meteorological Service’s national, medium-term forecast.

On Friday, a cold front will cross, so it is expected to be basically cloudy until the evening with rain and rain in several places. More precipitation is likely, especially in the south-western parts of Transdanubia. In the afternoon there may be strong winds around Sopron and Mosonmagyaróvár. Late in the evening, the sky turns out at a rapid pace from the northwest. It will usually be 6-11 degrees at dawn. In the afternoon, the air usually warms up to 13-18 degrees, but in the more persistently rainy southwestern landscapes, it can be a little cooler, while in the morning, early in the morning along the southern border, it can sometimes peak above 18 degrees.

According to the weather forecast, 1-5 mm of rain is expected in Hajdú-Bihar, but in the south-western part of the country it can also rain 15-20 mm:

On Saturday, the cold front cloud will also leave the southern border at dawn. During the day it will be mostly clear or slightly cloudy, sunny weather is expected. Mostly in the north-eastern third, a quarter of the country, there may be showers. In the coldest hours, you can usually expect 2-8 degrees, but in frosty, windless places they can measure up to minus 2 degrees. During the day, the temperature rises to 14-19 degrees.

A lot of sunshine is expected on Sunday, there will be no precipitation. The wind is picking up in several places, in the Little Plain it may get stronger. At dawn, it is usually 2-8, but in frosty, windless places the air can cool down to minus 2 degrees. Afternoon peaks range from 20 to 24 degrees – read the forecast.



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