The center of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium in Debrecen will be the Grand Hotel Aranybika

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The patinated Grand Hotel Aranybika will be the center of the talent development and education programs of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) in Debrecen in the future, the chairman of the MCC board of trustees and the secretary of state of the Prime Minister’s Office announced at a press conference on Thursday.

Balázs Orbán announced that MCC had purchased and renovated the building. First, the “new wing” of the hotel will be remodeled, while training will begin in the patinated old part of the hotel, which will continue to operate in the renovated section. This will be followed by the renovation of the old building, which will once again operate as a hotel, he explained.

Mayor László Papp welcomed the fact that the building complex, which previously housed culture and the arts, will now be supplemented with a knowledge center function.

Member of Parliament Lajos Kósa said that with the significant renovation of the new hotel part, a “landscape wound” will disappear in the center of Debrecen.

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