Bike Path Built at the Eastern Border

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In parallel with the renovation of the main road No. 48, a 3.7-kilometer cycle path was established between Vámospércs and Nyírábrány, connected to the existing cycle path leading to the Szentannapuszta road junction.


The bike path, which is approximately 3.3 km long, has been finished and it has been put into service between the Szentannapuszta road junction of the main road and the Nyírábrány petrol station, so it is safe to drive on this section on a modern cycle path.

On the section of the main road between Debrecen and Nyírábrány, 11.5 tons of pavement reinforcement and widening will be carried out on the existing 2 × 1-lane road section for 26.5 km, replacing and protecting the affected public utilities. The investment will not only renovate the pavement, but also upgrade the level nodes at the accident hubs and build a parallel service road, thus significantly reducing the number of main road and side road connections, resulting in safer and more comfortable traffic on the main road.

The construction of the cycle path between Vámospércs-Nyírábrány (national border) was carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, by the investment of NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. The construction was carried out by ZEMPLÉNKŐ Eastern Hungary Construction Industry Contractor and Mining Ltd. with a net value of HuF 524 million.


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