Man breaks down a gate in Debrecen out of anger

Local News

The suspected 45-year-old man wanted to settle his disagreement with an acquaintance.

A man reported to the police on May 20, 2021, around 7 pm, that an acquaintance was furious in front of his family house in Debrecen, so they did not dare to go out to him. The patrols immediately went to the scene, but by this time the man had broken down the gate of the property and thrown it on the ground. The officers checked and then handcuffed the 45-year-old local resident and took him to the police station. At the interrogation of the suspect, he made a confession and told investigators that he wanted to discuss a dispute with his acquaintance when, at his ring, no one came out of the house.

The Criminal Department of the Debrecen Police Headquarters has launched an investigation into a well-founded suspicion of committing misconduct.

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