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This year, Debrecen is applying for the UNESCO “City of Literature” title. The competition focuses on the idea of literature as a cure. With the current Verskert initiative, they are trying to show the spirit of the competition. Deputy Mayor István Puskás and Member of Parliament László Pósán held a press conference on this.

We are making an installation around the sculpture called Merengés in Déri Square, which we hope will function as a talking sculpture. It gives us an opportunity to message each other, through literature, through poems. In this way, let’s rebuild the community, and heal each other with the power of literature

– said Deputy Mayor István Puskás.

Member of Parliament László Pósán emphasized that literature always creates eternal sentences that become aphorisms and are passed down through generations. He added that the literary interest of the people of Debrecen and the cultural mentality of Cívisváros can also be deducted from the initiative.

Lajos Lakner, Deputy Scientific Director of the Déri Museum, emphasized that the idea of healing someone fits the statue.

Éva Fodor, the director of the Déri Museum, museologist, art historian explained: Tivadar Debreczeny’s work Merengő has been on view in Déri Square since 1930.

Orsolya Pinczés, the museum pedagogue of the Debrecen Reformed College Museum – Magda Szabó Memorial House, said that her work Abigél Szabó is one of the most popular novels for young people on an international level. He added: the statue of the Girl with a Jug in the volume stands in the courtyard of the Magda Szabó Memorial House, and the children are happy to place messages in it after the classes.


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