The construction of Vágóhíd street was completed sooner than planned

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The construction of the lane to the right of the Vágóhíd Street overpass was started by the contractor, D-profil Kft., In the middle of March. It was completed more than a month earlier than the planned mid-August date. The conversion cost nearly HUF 100 million.

Our editorial office received the opportunity. We also tried the new lane by car and bicycle. A video of the car test was also made, which can be viewed here:

For anyone who might be reading our article on mobilnet and not playing a video, we can tell you that the construction has lived up to its promise.

Moving from Zsibogó to Szent Anna Street, we did not run into a traffic jam that we used to have on a regular basis. So the car line is not standing at the gates of the former tobacco factory. You can move relatively smoothly. Right-handers no longer support other motorists.

In addition to the winding lane, a short pedestrian/bicycle section was built, with a small earth lane where some grass seeds were also scattered by the contractors. This part ceases when you reach the foot of the bridge.

This short strip promises good hopes, but then a narrow and poor-quality road leads to the top of the overpass, where a pedestrian and a cyclist certainly can’t fit. Sometimes cars don’t even fit on this stretch.

According to previous information from the municipality, the overpass will be renovated later, and the cycle path will be built next to the Lion Office Center (former tobacco factory) to join the section continuing on Diószegi út and up to Panoráma út.



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