Two months after giving birth, a mother died of Covid infection in Debrecen

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Deputy Mayor Diána Széles, co-chair of the Debrecen Charitable Board, and Éva Rózsahegyiné Éva Juhász, visited the family on July 28, where the mother died of a coronavirus infection two months after giving birth. The Board is in constant contact with and supports the family. This time, a food package was handed over to the father and his little son.

The Local Government of the City of Debrecen with County Rights established the City of Debrecen Aid Fund to support individuals and families in a difficult situation due to an emergency situation related to coronavirus infection. A number of individuals, as well as companies, have joined the initiative.

Diána Széles, Deputy Mayor, said that the money received from the Relief Fund can provide a wide range of assistance to families in difficulty, the elderly, and those in need. For this purpose, in the amount of HUF 10 million, durable food will be distributed. The deputy mayor added that it is possible to apply for grants through the number of the Charitable Board – 06 (52) 517-853. If the applicant is not in the social welfare system, a family support specialist will visit the family and assess what form of social care they can take. Diána Széles emphasized that this is a comprehensive program, of which the City of Debrecen Aid Fund, the Debrecen Charitable Board and the city social welfare system are members.

In May, the volunteers of the Board distributed 301 packages worth HUF 1,500,000. In July, with the coordination of the Family and Child Welfare Center of the City of Debrecen and the member organizations, 460 packages worth HUF 2,300,000 will be delivered to those in need and the elderly. 50 volunteers will help in the action.

Since November 2020, 208 applicants have received almost HUF 25 million in financial support from the Fund, and from 23 April 2020 to 30 June 2021, the Fund has provided assistance to a total of 348 applicants in the amount of HUF 35 million. Based on the support call valid from 1 July 2021, two families have already received the support in the amount of HUF 350,000. The applications of three more families will be decided by the jury in a few days.

The Debrecen Charitable Body is in constant contact with the affected families and will help them in the future because Debrecen is a caring city and it is its duty to help those in need!


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