One hundred new seedlings were planted in the Postásliget in the Tócóskert

Local News

The area where 100 seedlings were planted on August 19 is now called Postás Liget. The name of the area in the Tócóskert is already indicated by a sign.

The regional directorate of Magyar Posta Zrt. in Eastern Hungary planted 100 seedlings in the Postás Liget in Tócóskert in honor of the centenary.

László Pósán, Member of Parliament, said on the community page: I believe that those who plant trees think about the future, which is why initiatives like the current one are important. This is how we can think about the future of ourselves, our families and their wider environment. To put it simply, it is called a sense of responsibility for the future.

Photos: László Pósán, László Papp

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