The local government allocates HUF 25 million for the study plan related to the Debrecen-Oradea railway line

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The Municipality of Debrecen provides NIF Zrt. With funds for the preparation of a feasibility study plan for the relocation of the Debrecen-Oradea railway line. – announced Mayor László Papp.

The speech made at the General Meeting of Debrecen by Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. (NIF Zrt.)
prepared the feasibility study required for the development plan of the Southern Railway connecting the cities of Debrecen, Oradea, Szeged, Subotica and Pécs, in which the options outlined – taking into account the objectives of the D2030 project – Concerning Debrecen, the development of the Debrecen-Oradea line can be realized.

According to this, the Debrecen-Sáránd-Oradea railway line No. 106 is involved in the development, the route of which passes through the territory of the Southern Economic Zone. With regard to the possibilities for the development of the Southern Economic Zone, special care must be taken to ensure that the development of suburban and urban rail transport does not restrict the investment plans of companies wishing to establish themselves in the EEZ. In view of this, the change of the route is in the best economic interest of the municipality of Debrecen, therefore the municipality provides NIF Zrt. with a gross amount of HUF 25,400,000 at the expense of the 2022 budget with a preliminary commitment to prepare the necessary feasibility study plan.

Based on this commitment, NIF Zrt. may enter into a contract for the preparation of the feasibility study plan this year.

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