Renovation of the Csapókerti Community House will begin later this year

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The organizations operating in the building are looking for the right place for the duration of the investment, Mayor László Papp said on September 18 at the Csapókerti Neighborhood Day.

László Papp said at the opening of the neighborhood day that the renovation of the Csapókerti Community House could start this year, so the building will be closed in mid-October.

“It will take about a year to renovate the building, for more than the cost of the 2014 plans, as we didn’t want to come up with a half-solution for the tap gardens. We are now working to ensure that the NGOs operating here and the Phoenix Folk Dance Ensemble are properly accommodated during the transition period. We wanted to renovate this building to the extent and quality that is expected of us, so in the end we can provide twice as much funding for it. ” The mayor added.

We would like to hand over the work area in November, and in a good year we will hand over the Csapókerti Community House as a renovated, renewed building that also offers more functionally ”- you can read on

Photo: László Papp / Csapókerti Közuspégi Tér

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