The man stabbed his wife 18 times in Hajdú-Bihar

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The Debrecen General Court ruled on November 3, 2021, in the case of the accused who stabbed and cut his wife several times in a town in Hajdú-Bihar County. The court acquitted the accused of the crime of life-threatening bodily harm against him and ordered him to undergo compulsory medical treatment.

The court acquitted the accused because he suffered from a mental illness at the time the act was committed, which precluded recognition of the danger to society of the act charged against him and the demonstration of appropriate conduct.

Throughout the proceedings, the accused confessed to the commission of the crime and regretted his actions very much.

According to the facts established by the court, the condition of the accused with a mental illness has deteriorated since the fall of 2019. It also had a significant impact on your daily life. The man blamed his wife and children for his illness and condition, and jealousy prevailed over him. The accused’s wife was getting ready in the bathroom of the house on the early morning of December 24, 2020, after which she would have started working. To this, the accused also got up, picked up an 11-centimeter-blade kitchen knife in the kitchen, and then went into the bathroom after his wife.

The man closed the door from the inside and watched the victim’s preparations wordlessly for a long time. He did not answer his wife’s questions. As the woman headed for the kitchen, the accused approached him and stabbed her in the neck with a knife. The man then stabbed and cut her wife at least seventeen times in a row on her face, neck, chest, and right wrist held up in defense.

After the accused stopped abusing the victim, he turned the kitchen knife against himself and stabbed his neck and chest several times with medium force. The woman tried to cry for help, but no one heard it because of the early time. The accused did not let the victim out of the bathroom for a while, and after a while, he himself reported to the police on a mobile phone and also notified the ambulances. After being transported to the hospital, the victim underwent life-saving surgery. The woman suffered injuries that healed beyond eight days as a result of the abuse, one of which was life-threatening.

Dr. Balláné dr. Judge Edit Szentpáli, in the grounds of the judgment, explained that the accused’s state of mind at the time of his wife’s injury prevented him from recognizing the consequences of his act. This fact was also confirmed by expert opinions. The current criminal law regulates the exclusion of the ability to set off as a ground for exclusion. This means that if the offender’s ability to set it off precludes him from recognizing the consequences of his act or from acting in accordance with that finding, he must be acquitted of the charge against him, even if he has actually committed a life-threatening bodily injury. . However, the court also stressed that the crime could not go unpunished for the convicted person, as he ordered his compulsory medical treatment, as it cannot be ruled out that if his abnormal state of mind is not treated, he would commit another, similar crime.

The decision of the Debrecen General Court is final.

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