A woman from Hajdúböszörmény stabbing her partner out of jealousy can escape the imprisonment to be served

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The Hajdú-Bihar County Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a woman who stabbed her partner in the chest with a kitchen knife while intoxicated for attempting to commit a life-threatening bodily injury.


The accused and the injured men have been living in a cohabiting relationship in Hajdúböszörmény since 2018, they have been mutually jealous of each other for a long time, and quarrels between them are also regular due to their financial problems.

On June 6, 2020, a baptism was held in the victim’s family in Hajdúböszörmény. The accused was also present at the event, but the victim arrived late in the evening. During the evening, both the accused and the victim consumed alcohol, resulting in a dispute and quarrel between them. In the heat of the dispute, the accused slapped the man and then hit his back with a shore handle so that the handle was broken.

The woman’s anger intensified, so she attacked the victim with a kitchen knife taken from the table, they started fighting, they both fell to the ground, and then the accused stabbed the man in the chest. Given the injured part of the body, the means and manner of perpetration, there was a realistic possibility of developing a life-threatening injury.

The Hajdú-Bihar County Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the defendant defending himself on the grounds of an attempt to commit a life-threatening injury to the accused. The Prosecutor General’s Office requested the imposition of a suspended prison sentence and a substantial motion in the event that the accused confesses to committing an offense charged at a preparatory hearing before the tribunal and waives his right to a trial.



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