Men over the age of 40 are also encouraged to have a prostate examination

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The “Move, Debrecen!” on the experience of free and voluntary health screenings organized by the Debrecen Institute for Primary Care and Health Development in the framework of the Health Preservation Program – in the month of preservation of male health – Diána Széles, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, Csaba Papp, Director of the Debrecen Institute for Primary Care and Health Development, and Aurélia Orosz, Head of the Family and Child Welfare Center of the City of Debrecen, held a press conference on continuing and expanding screenings.

Wide Diana reminded me that when the “Move, Debrecen!” program was launched in October, it was announced that every month outside of exercise would have some health-related topicality. In October, it was a fight against breast cancer, while November was the month of male health.

So the “Move, Debrecen!” prevention of prostate cancer (PSA screening) will be the focus of the screening option for exercise programs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00 pm on the indoor sites of the program.

This risk assessment takes just a drop of blood from a fingertip and takes a few minutes of patience from the gentlemen. The “Move, Debrecen!” moreover, since its inception at the end of October, more than 400 people have said they have not done so before.

Csaba Papp, director of the Debrecen Institute for Primary Care and Health Development (Daefi), spoke about the fact that more than 4,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Hungary every year. Unfortunately, we lose 1,500 of our compatriots every year.

PSA screening is recommended for men from the age of 40, but it can be started sooner. Now the “Move, Debrecen!” in connection with the program – thanks to the support of the municipality of Debrecen – in addition to the classic screening tests (blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol level, body mass index), PSA screening can also be performed.

In the event of a problem, Daefi will also help those affected to see a doctor. The “Move, Debrecen!” more than 300 people have been screened since the program began, 90 of whom had high cholesterol and 67 had high blood pressure. Unfortunately, this also proves that it is necessary to form and strengthen health awareness in Debrecen as well.

Aurélia Orosz Ibolya, head of the Family and Child Welfare Center of the City of Debrecen, emphasized that in the framework of complex family care, they not only help to solve mental problems but also to preserve their health. That is why it is a pleasure for them to move on, Debrecen! they can provide one of the locations of the program for both their caregivers and those interested in the area. According to previous experience, this place is visited every Tuesday and Thursday by those who want to move 50-60 people.

The “Move, Debrecen!” up-to-date information on the movement opportunities offered by the movement indoors and outdoors – which is worth watching regularly depending on the weather conditions – can be found at and at find out where health advice and information on screening can be obtained. Participation in indoor venues is subject to the existence of a security certificate!


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