Football training for children with special educational needs starts in Debrecen

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Based on the Italian model, the “Insuperabili” project will be implemented in Debrecen for the first time in Hungary. Children with special needs can be members of the DVSC Special Academy with regular training and competition opportunities. The goal is to turn children with disabilities into athletes with disabilities – the leaders of the program reported at the Debrecen Football Academy.

The Insuperabili, or Invincibles program, was launched in 2012 in Turin. Davide Leonardi, who initiated the project and has been leading it ever since, said at a press conference in Debrecen that at first the Italian professionals started working with four children, and today 650 injured young people are taking part in the training.

In Italy, we have already been able to involve many associations in this work, and the involvement of DVSC is also a very important milestone for us. I am sure that, thanks to the joint work of Hungarian coaches, psychologists and physiotherapists, we will be able to lay the right foundations here and start this work,

– said Davide Leonardi.

Mayor László Papp added that almost 900 children with special educational needs study in the education system in Debrecen. For them, sport is even more important, as it serves not only their physical but also their mental health.

Debrecen is doing something new, opening a new era by making sports accessible to children in professional conditions for whom it is not evidence at all, because they have some kind of disability,

– the mayor said.

Children and their parents can apply for the program under the coordination of the Debrecen Tank District Center. Katalin Pappné Gyulai said that the training of students with mobility, hearing and vision impairments, as well as children with autism, down syndrome and intellectual disabilities is a priority task of the center, therefore they are dealt with by highly qualified professionals, teachers and special educators in their daily lives to develop students.

If we can help injured children to live a full life with our attention and work in this program, they will be stronger and will prove to be able to perform tremendously,

– said Katalin Pappné Gyulai.

The implementation of the Invincible program is the result of a collaboration in Debrecen. In addition to the local government and the tank district center, two associations, the DVSC and the Debrecen Sportcentrum-Sportiskola, also raise the issue of sports for children with special educational needs. Zsolt Ábrók, CEO of DVSC Futball Zrt., Said that athletes with disabilities will belong to the DVSC Special Academy.

These kids are becoming members of the DVSC family. I am proud that the program was the first in the country to start in Debrecen. We will be looking for other clubs to join the initiative, and we will even be able to compete in the championship system,

– said Zsolt Ábrók.

András Becsky, the managing director of Debrecen Sportcentrum Nonprofit Kft.

The infrastructural background, the tracks and the equipment for the program are provided by DVSC and Debreceni Sportcentrum Kft. The Hungarian professionals, coaches and educators have completed the necessary further training, so the program can start soon. The children will take part in two workouts a week.


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