There Will Be No Fireworks in New Year’s Eve in Debrecen

Local News

Due to the epidemic situation, there will be no fireworks this New Year’s Eve to avoid the crowd.


This year, the municipality of Eger asked people for their opinion on whether the city will close this year with a fireworks show or a laser show. In connection with this, László Mándi, the local government representative of Momentum in Debrecen, addressed a question to Mayor László Papp at the general meeting on Thursday.

In his reply, László Papp said that due to the epidemic situation, fireworks are not planned for New Year’s Eve in Debrecen this year either, avoiding the large crowd at the fireworks site. He added that there are programs in the city during the Advent period, and the main skating rink is also popular, so he says there is no need for fireworks now. He also said as a dog owner, he also knows what problems fireworks cause to dog keepers. Fireworks were not held on New Year’s Eve last year either, there was even a curfew, and we had to get home by eight in the evening.


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