Debrecen Airport will receive development from the state to serve three million passengers a year

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A new terminal capable of serving three million passengers a year, a new runway and taxiways will be built, and a small aircraft zone will be built at Debrecen Airport in the coming years, the mayor announced on Thursday after announcing the results of a tender for the development of the airport.

László Papp said that the economic development of Debrecen justifies increasing the airport’s capacity.
Negotiations are underway between the government and the municipality, as a result of which the state will enter the company that operates the airport. A proposal on this will be submitted to the city assembly in January, the mayor indicated.

László Papp announced that seven applications had been received for the open design competition for the new terminal building, runway, taxiways, and the creation of a small machine zone, five of which were awarded unanimously by the jury. The first prize went to the plan of Bord Építész Stúdió Kft. The mayor indicated that several tenders have produced valuable solutions that will be taken forward in the final planning.

Lajos Kósa, the Member of Parliament for the region, indicated that according to the government’s decision, there are two airports of great international importance in the country, the Liszt Ferenc Airport in Budapest and the Debrecen Airport.

In both cases, the government has taken steps to become state-owned, which is a guarantee of long-term, multi-billion-dollar developments, the pro-government politician added.


Debrecen City Hall Press

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