The Green City Program starts in another housing estate: the Tócóskert is renewed

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The implementation of the Green City Program will affect an area of ​​100,000 square meters in the largest housing estate in Debrecen, the local government said. The works started at the beginning of January, during the year, among other things, a green area reconstruction will be carried out in the city district, a parking lot will be established, but playgrounds and rest areas will also be renewed.

The Green City Program, which began in December 2018, covers ten neighborhoods. The construction has been completed in the Goose Garden, the Sestakert, the Dobozikert, the Downtown, the Old Garden, the Tócóvölgy and the Sóház district, most of the developments have been completed in the Újkert, and the work has already started in Petőfi Square and the Tócóskert. Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs said that the greening of the city is very important for Debrecen, therefore the key element of the D2030 program is the Green City Program, 90% of which serves the renewal of the housing estate environment.

The investment will amount to HUF 652 million, of which HUF 641 million will be EU support. The completion deadline is November 2022.

“The program affects an estimated 72,000 people, which includes renovating more than 260,000 square feet of green space, planting 900 trees, capturing a total of 340kg of carbon dioxide and four tonnes of dust. Here in the Tócóskert, we make the lives of 17,000 people more comfortable and lovable with this development. The investment will affect about 100,000 square meters, of which 27,000 square meters of green space will be renewed: this means planting 140 small trees, nearly 4,000 shrubs, and 3,000 perennials in the area. And what makes the Pond Garden home? We create promenades, communal spaces, indoor event spaces and a filagoria.

We will install street furniture in public areas, special steam poles installed in several places, and we will renovate playgrounds, sports fields and create a dog run. ”

– added the deputy mayor responsible for urban management and environmental protection.

The contractor started work on the László Holló promenade: here the old cobblestone pavement will be demolished, and a paving stone will be replaced along the entire length of the promenade. At the press conference held on January 6, 2022, László Pósán, Member of Parliament, said that this is a long-awaited transformation on the part of those living in the area and those who travel here regularly.

“The Tócóskert is slowly looking back on a history of half a hundred years, when the László Holló promenade was built, which could be renovated, as it was dangerous to walk here in some places. It is also emblematic that the work starts right here, as it is an axis and the busiest route to the Pond Garden. From here, significant volumes of development will take place in both directions. ”

– said the Member of Parliament of the district.

The local government representative András Varga emphasized that an important part of the investment is the improvement of transport possibilities, so new sidewalks will be built at the place of trampling, existing sidewalks will be renewed, and a new 89-space car park will be built on Kishegyesi út to alleviate parking problems. The representative put it this way: the areas suitable for spending free time will also be more interesting and of higher quality.

“The Pond Garden is attractive for families with small children as it has large green spaces, which was an important consideration in the design. We will renovate three playgrounds and add new games, 63-91 István út. In the park between and we will build a new four-tower play castle and a traffic road park. In addition, the indoor soccer field at the corner of Kishegyesi út and István út will have a lawn especially suitable for sports, partly covered with artificial grass. We also thought of the four-legged ones, along the István út a dog runner will be built with three different teaching and development tools. Here we also took into account the rules of peaceful coexistence when choosing the location. ”

– said András Varga.

The investment also includes the construction of indoor event space along the Holló László promenade and the creation of a filagoria on Margit Square. In addition, individual benches and bicycle supports, as well as steam poles, drinking wells, and waste collectors will be installed – read the announcement of the municipality of Debrecen.


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