The home of the storks in the bird hospital in Hortobágy escaped

Local News

The long-awaited help has arrived at the large flight of the bird hospital in Hortobágy, where one of its upper support beams was in a life-threatening condition, the foundation announced on the Facebook page.

For the time being, it was not possible to move or remove the ruptured beam at a height of 10 meters, because the entire upper cover net would have had to be dismantled, so a specially adapted new support beam was placed under it.

Thanks to Tibor Horváth, a qualified wood inspection and wood care engineer from Hajdúböszörmény, and Péter Hunyadvári, an alpine lumberjack from Gulács, we no longer have to worry about the integrity of the fly and the birds waiting to be released and permanently damaged.

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