Yesterday’s rescue action in Hajdú-Bihar County

Local News

At dawn on Sunday, on the outskirts of Hajdúszoboszló, on the M35 motorway, a car slipped on the road, turned around, and then stopped. Professional firefighters from Hajdúszoboszló marched to de-energize the vehicle.

In the outskirts of Komádi, a car slipped on top of the Sebes-Körös river dam, which was alarmed by the municipal firefighters of Komádi on Sunday morning. Firefighters pushed the vehicle back onto the road by hand.

A ten-meter tree fell over the sidewalk from the thorns and obstructed pedestrian traffic in Berettyóújfalu, Honvéd Street. Professional firefighters in Berettyóújfalu removed the tree with a chainsaw on Sunday afternoon.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

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