The Kishegyesi road in Debrecen is being expanded

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With its complex, multi-element development, one of the city’s long-awaited investments began on February 15 with the construction of a sewage pressure pipeline between No. 160 Kishegyesi and Határ út, said Mayor László Papp and Deputy Mayor Diana at a press conference.

This is followed by the construction and reconstruction of the stormwater drainage network on Kishegyesi út, starting from the Debrecen sign, for a total length of 2.6 kilometers.

On Kishegyesi út, the lane widening between Császár Péter utca and the entrance of National Instruments (NI) will serve the traffic management of the intersections. At the same time, László Papp emphasized that although the pavement will be reinforced and widened in some places on Kishegyesi út, the road will not have two lanes twice.

In addition, the construction of the Kishegyesi út and Határ út sewers, as well as their structures and electrical control will be implemented. A total of more than 1 km of cycle paths will be built – a 770-meter-long, 2.75-meter-wide pedestrian and cycle path along Kishegyesi út to the entrance of NI Kishegyesi út and 263 meters along Határ út, also 2.75 meters long. meters wide from Kishegyesi út to the economic entrance of NI Határ út.

The complex investment on Kishegyesi út will cost HUF 1 billion 904 million gross, the contractors are Debreceni Mélyépítő Holding Kft., „Ke-Víz 21” Zrt. And Zemplénkő Kft. according to the contractor will be completed by the end of 2022.

Although it is not part of this investment, it will be complemented by the reconstruction of the Derék street intersection of Kishegyesi út, which will start in March 2022 under the construction of D-Profil Kft. On Derék Street, a separate right-turning lane will be created on Kishegyesi út, in the direction of the city center. This will make it easier to get out of the housing estates in the Lake Garden and Lake Valley. At this junction, a cycle path will also be built on a certain section, which will connect the bicycle traffic of the housing estates to the Kishegyesi út cycle path network.

The most important of these is the transformation of the intersection of Kishegyesi út and Pósa utca into a traffic light junction. Anyone who goes for this knows that there is a lot of traffic here, and pedestrians and cyclists are not always taken into account by drivers. The fact that in the near future cyclists and pedestrians will be able to travel here by bicycle and with lantern insurance, as well as at the intersection of Kishegyesi út and Határ út, is a development of great significance.


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