Instead of money, the resident paid the rent by beating his landlady

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The General Prosecutor’s Office of Debrecen proposed to increase the prison sentence for the accused who had seriously abused the owner of the apartment he rented.

The Debrecen Tribunal sentenced the man to 2 years in prison and 2 years in disqualification from public affairs for attempting to commit a life-threatening bodily injury and committing armed self-judgment. In the month of November, his landlady visited him there to take over the rent from her. She had no idea her tenant suspected her of stealing his cash stored in the apartment. She chatted with him unsuspectingly as the man attacked her without any prior call or questioning with a meat breaker, and hit her head several times with the blunt part of it. The woman fell to the floor from the force of the blows. Her attacker then kicked her torso and struck her upper body several times with moderate force on the upper part of a marble disc with a clothes hanger.

The accused then stopped abusing and stated the reason. He called on the victim to return his cash missing from the apartment immediately, as he believed she could be the thief. He also threatened to “kill her family” if he dared to speak to the police. She was ordered to provide him with the names and personal details of previous tenants in order to get his money back. The terrified woman promised to do so, but after leaving the apartment, she notified the police without delay.

The accused left the property at an unknown location before the police arrived. He was seized by the authority on the basis of an arrest warrant.

The landlady suffered a series of rib fractures, ruptured injuries to her head and face, and bruises to her chest as a result of the gross abuse. With the opening of the thoracic cavity, there was a realistic chance of developing a life-threatening injury.

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Debrecen proposed a significant aggravation of the punishment and the ancillary punishment, as in its opinion the judgment of the court did not meet the purposes of the punishment, the very mild punishment is not suitable for either individual or general prevention. The accused abused the victim unreasonably, in an extremely gross manner, with intent throughout the body. He only partially admitted to committing the crimes.

He appeared with his counsel for acquittal and, in the alternative, for misclassification of the crime and for mitigation of the sentence.

The Debrecen Arbitration Board decides on appeals at second instance.

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