Traffic Will Be Restricted for Four Days at the Kishegyesi Road Railway Crossing

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Repair works will be carried out by V-híd Zrt. On Kishegyesi road, at the crossing of railway line 108, between 19th and 2nd2 April. The works can only be carried out with a half-track road restriction, the municipality of Debrecen has announced.

During the work, the traffic on the gateway is expected to be restricted from 19th to 22nd April, 2022. Vehicle traffic will be provided in lanes 1-1 in both directions, with pedestrian traffic on one side of the sidewalk.

The railway crossing was renovated in December, 2020 as part of the modernization of railway line 108, and a restriction came into force again on 18th January 2021, when testing of railway safety equipment in the area began.

The mayor’s office asks those passing on the mentioned section of the road not to drive as usual, but in accordance with the posted road signs and the temporary traffic regulations.


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