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In celebration of a double opening anniversary this May 1 – 64th for the second oldest zoo and 62nd for the one and only classic amusement park in Hungary – Zoo Debrecen now reveals a full rebranding underway.

A work of Hungarian graphic designers Péter Vasvári and Tibor Biró, the institution’s new logo aims to be a clear yet sophisticated means of conveying its visual identity and addressing modern communication challenges by embodying the organic unity of a zoo, a botanical garden and an amusement park in constant development each – a scope of activity that makes Zoo Debrecen unique in Hungary and one of merely 15 throughout Europe.

While fully in line with nature and heritage conservation goals originally set by the institution’s Articles of Incorporation, the logo has a form and color scheme with a new air of joy, vibrancy and playfulness. Represented in it is Zoo Debrecen’s great diversity through two emblematic animals – reticulated giraffes, a subspecies found only here in Hungary, and Nile hippos, another taxon with a rich history of husbandry in Debrecen – as well as a classic carousel, an icon of the amusement park tradition, and a common oak, an emblematic indigenous taxon of Debrecen’s Great Forest.

This new logo is but the beginning of a comprehensive process that will further strengthen the Zoo’s visual presence both on-site and off-site as well as online to support upcoming large-scale development projects. Brand guidelines will soon be published, followed by an overhaul to the institution’s website and signage systems by the end of this summer.


Dr. Gergely Sándor Nagy

CEO, Zoo Debrecen

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