A Green Car Park Will Be Constructed in Debrecen

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The construction of a green car park started in Debrecen, at 36-50. Kishegyesi road in the area in front of Coop ABC, the municipality reported.

Member of Parliament László Pósán said that one of the biggest problem for people living in Tócóskert is parking their cars. Plans to solve this problem have been discussed before, and work has begun.

If we say something, it will be realized within reasonable time limits. If we promise something, we also like to keep it, the MP emphasized. He also emphasized that in this place, no green space is being destroyed in order to create a parking facility, but – at the request of the residents of the area – a significant, tidy green space is being created so that the parking facilities are also expanding.

András Varga explained why this will be a green car park. Trees will be planted on a total of 1,000 square meters in and around the 89 paved parking spaces to be built. According to the plans, it is possible to plant 28 trees, however, after consulting with the residents of the area, another 4 trees have already been found, and there is hope to explore further possibilities. There will also be 2,700 low shrubs in the area.

In order to prevent any oil contamination from cars from entering the drained rainwater, oil traps are built into the drains. At the edges of the area affected by the construction of the new car parks, the existing parking spaces will remain. András Varga asked the residents of the area for patience during the construction – which is expected to be two months in case of favorable weather conditions. As he stressed, the contractor has promised that residents ’peace of mind will not be disturbed at the end of the week and in the early morning or late evening hours.

debreceninap.hu Photo: DMJVÖ


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