Thousands Left Without Electricity in Debrecen Due to a Double Cable Failure

Local News

Around 3:00 pm, power went out in several streets of Újkert and its surroundings, experts are still working to fix the fault.

Thousands of apartments in Debrecen and many companies and shops have had no electricity since 3:00 pm. The power outage mainly affects Újkert, including Jerikó, Görgey, Cívis street and Füredi road.


Nikoletta Egyházi, Head of Communications at OPUS Titász Zrt., said that the power outage is caused by a double cable failure, which makes it impossible to supply the district with electricity from another direction.

As she said, her colleagues are working hard to fix the mistake, but it can take until the evening. Due to the fault, there is no electricity in 2200 places (flats, business premises).

Update: Power has returned to many streets. Consumers are being redirected to a low-voltage network, so the service has already been restored at thousands of points. The staff will continue to work and think that there will be electricity in every apartment by evening.


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